Mailbox Manager

Mailbox Manager 2.1.8

Take command of your POP3 mail accounts


  • Allows you to avoid spam
  • Letsyou to preview mail before you receive it


  • Takes time to log in and out
  • Not a good replacement for a decent spam filter

Not bad

Mailbox Manager is a simple utility that allows you to check several POP3 mail accounts (mail you access through applications such as Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora, Outlook Express etc) before downloading any message.

In this way, you can save time before downloading bandwidth-heavy messages and, of course, avoid malicious mail much more efficiently. It is possible to retrieve either a list of messages or a summary of just the most recent ones. If you detect anything malicious or spam-related, Mailbox Manager gives the option to delete them at once.

Once you've removed the messages you want to get rid of, quitting or exiting Mailbox Manager will automatically launch your email application to retrieve the remaining messages. This means that most of the mail you finally receive will be spam free and only consist of those messages important to you.

The concept of Mail Manager is all very well but if you have a decent spam filter, and are working on a broadband connection, it's use is rather limited.

Activity View window sometimes would show up behind main window: fixed.


  • Activity View window sometimes would show up behind main window: fixed.
Mailbox Manager


Mailbox Manager 2.1.8

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